We propose novel takes on online and distributed learning with applications to decarbonization, healthcare and communications. This convergent research program hews together engineering, computer science, social science and medicine, and is dictated by pressing needs of Hawaii as well as challenging problems in AI and data science. An unique aspect of our work in these areas is the presence of dynamic data, often incomplete, from distributed sources.

We therefore advance fundamental research in online, real-time learning, distributed and federated learning setups, as well as principled ways to synthesize domain expertise. This fundamental research is used to juxtapose engineering and AI in the context of economic and social considerations in

  • Decarbonization, focusing on the energy and transportation sectors, particularly relevant to Hawaii with its high penetration of renewables and associated challenges. Hawaii is already a leading state in clean energy integration, and has a target to become carbon neutral by 2045.

  • Healthcare On the one hand, Hawaii has the nation’s highest life expectancy, and on the other, has significant issues in access to healthcare among the Native Hawaiian population. Our research will help in advancing healthcare in the islands and beyond.

  • Communications, Networks and Security, a central tenet of a sustainable economy in Hawaii, made essential by its geographical isolation.